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P.C. Patel Infra Private Limited Company’s Profile

The partnership firm is established on Dt. 23-08-1994, having five partners. The company named P.C. Patel & Co. is established since the date of registration of the partnership firm i.e. from dated 23/08/1994. The company is having its main office at 312, Balaram Complex, Near ICICI Bank, Station road, Bhuj-Kutch-370 001, Gujarat. Phone No. 02832-256310.

Company has opened the corporateoffice at 204, Abhinav Complex, Nr.Delux Char Rasta, Nizampura, Vadodara- 390 002, Phone no. 0265-2780708.

The company has started the work of overburden exaction of GMDC Lignite Mines Rajpardi Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat. The company has allotted with the excavation work of 339065.65 m3 from November 1995 to January 1996. The work awarded by theGMDC to M/s. Ranjit Construction Co. Mahesana, Gujarat. The same work is awarded to the company on sub let by them. The work completed within time limit. Thus the very first work has successfully completed by the company by deploying the appropriate and necessary machineries for the work. The company has established its credit since the first allotted work of GMDC Lignite Project Rajpardi, Gujarat.

After successfully completed the first work allotted from M/s. Ranjit Construction Co. Mahesana-Gujarat, further work in the quantity to the tune of 58.00 lac m3 be completed within 6 months of period. This work of GMDC is allotted to M/s. Ranjit Construction Co. on dated 05/10/1999. In this allotted work during the year 2000 the overburden removal of lignite mine is achieved to the tune 8.81 lac m3/ month. Accordingly the machineries and men had deployed by the company and achieved the success.

The company has earned the name in the work of Removal of Overburden and extracting the lignite is allotted on the “Turnkey basis” for GMDC Lignite Mines Rajpardi since Sept. 2007 which was sublet to the company by RanjitBuildcone, Ahmedabad. The work is completed before the time limit and achieved the yearly targeted progress as laid down by the GMDC Ltd.

In the year 2008, the mile stone has achieved by the company, on receiving the Letter of Intent for the work of removing overburden excavation of GMDC Lignite Mines, at Mata No Madh, DisttKutch is in the direct name of the company from the client GMDC Ltd. Ahmedabad. The work of Removal of Overburden Excavation work for lignite mine is to the tune of 330 lac m3 and 23.70 lac m3 of river diversion work. The cost of the work awarded is Rs. 8664 Lac. The time limit for the work is 5 Years. The work includes the overburden excavation of the river diversion of 23.70 lac m3. The work is completed satisfactory within time limit with the total quantity of 504.31 lac m3 of OB Removal for the GMDC Lignite Mines, at Mata No Madh, Distt Kutch.

The work of overburden excavation & extraction of Lignite work of RSMM Ltd. of Giral lignite project Jelalo Mines Barmer (Rajasthan) was also started in 2007 by the company and completed it by May 2013. The work is completed by the company successfully within time limit.

The work of overburden excavation & extraction of Lignite work of RSMM Ltd. of Giral lignite project Jelalo Mines Barmer (Rajasthan) was also started in 2007 by the company and completed it by May 2013. The work is completed by the company successfully within time limit.

In the year 2012 the company has awarded Turnkey Contract from Gujarat Industrial Power Company Limited (GIPCL) for the mining work of O.B. Removal & Rising and Transportation work of Rs. 455.00 Crore for producing & supplying to power plant, the 130 lac MT of (-230 mm size) lignite from the Valia Lignite Mine Valia, Distt. Bharuch. The work is started by the company in Nov 2013 by removing the necessary OB. The company had submitted the 18.95 Lac MT of Lignite up to 30/11/2014. The time limit for the work is 7 (Seven) Years. The work is completed satisfactory on date 06/12/2018.

Since looking to the growth of the company and to obtain the vast field of mining work for MDO tender and for the turnkey project of the Coal India Limited Company with full asset of partnership firm and personals. The name of the company is now P.C.Patel Infra Private Limited.The private limited company is incorporated on dated 09th of July 2016 as per the government of India Company’s Act-2013.

Recently the company is awarded below named projects of same work in 2014-2018: GMDC- Tadkeshwar (Gujarat), WCL-Singori(Nagpur Area), MCL- Kulda(Odisha), SWML- Barmer(Rajashtan), SCCL- Ramagundum (Telangana), MDO-GPCL (Gujarat), GMDC-BhavnagarSurkha (Gujarat), GIPCL-Valia(Gujarat), NCL-Krishnashila(U.P.). In addition, these all works are in progress satisfactorily.

It is the fact that, for such huge quantity of excavation work, it need fleet of heavy machineries i.e. Hydraulic Excavators, Heavy capacity Dumpers, Dozers, Graders, and Water Tankers etc. Our company is having the fleet of such machineries.

We are having good team of Mines Manager & Engineers employed in our company, to look after planning and methodology of the work on the project. They are stationed at the stationed at the project site to carry out the work. The partners of the company are senior most well experienced persons in the mine field to look after the needs for mine works.

The company has audited balance sheets for the last three years. Our Turn Over is increasing, for F.Y. 2014-15 company’s turnover is Rs. 172.70 Crore, for F.Y. 2015-16 is Rs. 196.18 Crore, for F.Y. 2016-17 is Rs. 251.39 Crore and for F.Y. 2017-18 is Rs. 346.92 Crore. Thus the company is fast growing with the skill to carry out the work in any maximum capacity.

The company has net worth at the end of March 2018 is of 90.77 Crore. The Average Annual Cash Accrual of the company for F.Y. 2014-15, for F.Y. 2015-16 and for F.Y. 2016-17 is Rs. 42.78 Crore. The Annual Cash Accrual of the Company for F.Y. 2017-18 is Rs. 87.26 Crore. The dealing of the company for the financial need etc. is mainly with the Bank of Baroda. The Bank of Baroda has given solvency of Rs. 82.00 Crore. Thus, the company is well growing and achieved the expertise in the work of Removal of OB and Extraction of the Lignite/Coal as well. The company is quite capable to work for MDO Tender also. As previously said, recently one MDO tender of Gujarat Power Corporation Limited is awarded to us as consortium Company and as said before, at present work of the same is in progress.

We are in capacity to carry out all type of Opencast Mining Excavation for Coal/Lignite Mines, Excavation work- with drilling and Blasting & without drilling and blasting. We are having full capacity of the HEMM for the work of Valia lignite mine, Tadkeshwar Lignite mine etc. as previously said work. The ultimate target of the company is to achieve new works of removal of overburden, excavation of mines and extraction of Coal/Lignite and its transportation to grow the company more and more in the field of mining.

Finally, all success is with the company with hard working of the partners and the team work of our staff.