Health & Safety

We understand the important of preservation the safety of our engineers, welfare of the larger community and harmony with the natural environment. Our HSE policy and methods consistently strive towards reducing the probability of work related in our work environment. The company also ensures that our operations have minimal negative impact on the natural settings of our sites, through effective control of contingencies. Our staff is provided the best in safety equipment and continually trained on methods and skills to avoid damage as a result of incidents. Company also pro-actively takes the initiatives to define objectives and goals to better improve conditions, eliminate risk and minimize the wastage if natural resources during our operations.


We pride ourselves on being earth centric as being environment conscious company.This enables the company to post impressive performance records year after year.Hence Environmental awareness & safety of crew & equipment are our prime concern at all times and our track records show that there have been no major accidents. Our operations have conquered forests marshland and mountains. As it has always been our passion & desire to make our expertise experience & technology available to turn the world into a community.